Lesson Worksheet: Dividing by 3 Mathematics • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice using various strategies to divide by 3 within the known times tables up to 12×3, including using models and times table facts.


Isabella has 15 chocolates. She wants to put them into boxes that hold 3 chocolates each. How many boxes will she fill?


Find the missing number.


A girl has 6 LE. The price of one kilogram of bananas is 3 LE. How many kilograms of bananas can she buy?


Given that Mason bought 3 notebooks and paid 27 LE, find the price of each notebook.


A piece of land was divided equally among 3 farmers. Given that the area of the land was 24 feddans, find the share of each farmer.


18 children are lined up in 3 rows. How many children are in each row?


A boy paid 12 LE to buy 3 toys of the same type. What is the price of one toy?


We have 9 balloons and 3 children. If we want to divide the balloons among the children, pick the number of balloons each child will have.

  • A
  • B
  • C


Find 18÷3 using the cubes shown.


Complete the table:

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