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Lesson Worksheet: Multiplying One Digit by One Digit Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice modeling the multiplication of one digit by one digit and recite times tables.


What is 3×6?


Which whole number lies between the two expressions?


In multiplying by 2, each row is 2 more than the previous one.

Complete the following.

Complete the following.


We can skip count in twos on a number chart to multiply by 2.

Skip counting by twos

Use skip counting to find 2×2.

Use skip counting to find 2×9.


Skip count in 2’s to find the answer to 4×2.


Seif wants to bake a cake; he has 2 pairs of cherries.

Fill in the blank: 2×2=.


Dalia knows the answer to 9×3.

Tell her what number to subtract from this to find the answer to 7×3.

What is 7×3?


We can calculate 3×4 using the number line by making 4 jumps of 3 as shown.

Thus, 3×4=12.

Use the number line to find the result of 3×7.

Draw jumps on the number line to find the result of 3×9.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

What is the result of 3×9?


Find the missing product: 8×5=.


Complete: ×5=45.

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