Lesson Worksheet: Scale Drawings Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice interpreting simple scale drawings and finding real dimensions given a scale model.


In a plan of a residential compound, if the buildings are 5 cm in height, the plan uses a 1 cm : 3 m scale. What is the height of the buildings in real life?


In a museum design, the height of one of the statues is 4 cm. Use the scale to find the statue’s height in real life.


An architect drew a scaled drawing of a school. The scale he used was 15cmmeters. The school is 9 centimeters wide in drawing. How wide is the school in real life?


Jackson made a drawing for his residence including a villa and a garden, as in the given figure. Using the scale drawing, what is the perimeter of the villa in real life?


The two given plans, A and B, show two different scales of trees in the street. Which of the two plans has the taller tree in real life?

  • APlan B
  • BPlan A


Consider this pool design. What is the perimeter of the pool in real life?


Consider a map with scale 14cmkm. If the distance between two neighborhoods on the map is 11 cm, what is the distance in real life?


Noah and Benjamin are brothers. They are at two different places and want to go home. Each of them has a differently scaled map. Noah’s map’s scale is 12cmkm and Benjamin’s map’s scale is 13cmkm. Noah’s map shows that he should drive 5 cm, and Benjamin’s map shows that he should drive 8 cm. Who has the shortest journey home?

  • ANoah
  • BBenjamin


Consider this library design drawn on a centimeter paper. What is the area of the library in real life?


A parking lot has been designed on a centimeter grid paper. What is the length of the parking lot in real life?

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