Worksheet: The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the life cycle of a flowering plant.


Select the correct order for the stages of the life cycle of a plant starting with the seed.

  • ASeed, seedling, adult plant, flower, fruit
  • BSeed, flower, seedling, fruit, adult plant
  • CSeed, fruit, flower, adult plant, seedling
  • DSeed, seedling, fruit, flower, adult plant


Which part of the flower ripens into a fruit when the plant has been pollinated?

  • AThe anther
  • BThe ovary
  • CThe petal
  • DThe stamen


What is something that an adult plant can do that a seedling can not?

  • AProduce food
  • BGrow roots
  • CProduce seeds
  • DHave leaves


All plants begin life as a .

  • Aseed
  • Broot
  • Cfruit
  • Dflower


What happens to a flower after pollination?

  • AIt produces seeds.
  • BIt produces fruit.
  • CIt becomes a mature plant.
  • DIt becomes a seedling.


The diagram shows the life cycle of an apple tree. Which stage comes after the pollination of a flower?

  • ATree
  • BSeeds
  • CFruit
  • DSprout


The diagram shows the parts of a flowering plant.

Which part of the plant is brightly colored to help attract insects?

  • AThe petal
  • BThe ovary
  • CThe stigma
  • DThe anther

Which part of the flower contains pollen?

  • AThe pistil
  • BThe anther
  • CThe style
  • DThe ovary


The image shows what the inside of a seed looks like. Each seed contains an embryo. What does the word embryo mean?

  • AA baby nut
  • BA seed
  • CA baby plant
  • DA fruit


Insects help plants reproduce (make new plants). Insects are attracted to the nectar which flowers produce.

When they drink the nectar, insects become covered in pollen. The insect then carries the pollen to another flower.

This process is called pollination.

Which part of the plant produces the pollen?

  • AThe ovule
  • BThe petal
  • CThe stigma
  • DThe anther

What is the sticky part of the flower, which the pollen sticks to, called?

  • AThe stem
  • BThe stigma
  • CThe nectar
  • DThe petal


The diagram shows the life cycle of a flowering plant.

What does the plant produce after it has been pollinated?

  • ASeeds
  • BPollen
  • CFruit
  • DRoots

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