Worksheet: The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the life cycle of a flowering plant.


Select the correct order for the stages of the life cycle of a plant starting with the seed.

  • ASeed, seedling, fruit, flower, adult plant
  • BSeed, fruit, flower, adult plant, seedling
  • CSeed, flower, seedling, fruit, adult plant
  • DSeed, seedling, adult plant, flower, fruit


Which part of the flower ripens into a fruit when the plant has been pollinated?

  • AThe anther
  • BThe stamen
  • CThe petal
  • DThe ovary


What is something that an adult plant can do that a seedling can not?

  • AHave leaves
  • BGrow roots
  • CProduce food
  • DProduce seeds


All plants begin life as a .

  • A fruit
  • B flower
  • C root
  • D seed

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