Lesson Worksheet: Quantities and Units in Mechanics Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying fundamental and derived quantities used in mechanics, such as length, time and velocity, and identifying their units and unit conversions.


Express 333 km/min in meters per second.


Which of the following is not true?

  • A42 m/min = 70 cm/s
  • B15 m/s = 54 km/h
  • C3 km/min = 50 cm/s
  • D72 km/h = 20 m/s


What is 58 m/min in meters per second?

  • A3029 m/s
  • B3,480 m/s
  • C2915 m/s
  • D2930 m/s


Velocity is equal to the distance covered over a period of time. Which of the following is not a unit of velocity?

  • Acm/s
  • Bm/s
  • Cm/s2
  • Dm/min
  • Ekm/h


What is 27 m/h/s in centimetres per second squared?

  • A152
  • B34
  • C45
  • D92


The force applied on an object is calculated using the formula 𝐹=𝑚𝑎, where 𝑎 is the acceleration of the object (measured in meters per second squared, or m/s2), and 𝑚 is its mass (measured in kilograms, or kg). The force is then measured in newtons. Which of the following is the expression of newtons in terms of the base units kilograms, meters, and seconds?

  • A(kg⋅m/s)2
  • Bkg⋅s2/m
  • Ckg⋅m/s2
  • Dkg⋅m2/s2
  • Ekg⋅m/s


The kinetic energy, which is measured in joules, is given by the rule 𝑇=12𝑚𝑣. Which of the following units is equal to the joule?

  • Akg/m/s2
  • Bkg⋅m/s
  • Ckg⋅m2/s2
  • Dkg/m2/s2
  • Ekg⋅m/s2


If a train is moving at 315 km/h and a car is moving at 750 m/min, which of them has a speed greater than 50 m/s?

  • Athe train
  • Bboth of them
  • Cthe car
  • Dnone of them


A body is moving with an average velocity of 10 km/h. What is the distance traveled in meters if the body moves for 10 s? Write your answer approximated to two decimal places.


What is 2.87×10 dynes in newtons?

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