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Worksheet: Addition and Subtraction Equations


If π‘₯ βˆ’ 2 = 9 , what is the value of π‘₯ ?


The highest point in a city is a mountain that is 1 624 feet above sea level, while the lowest point of the same city is 80 feet below sea level. Find the difference between the two points.


A submarine was at a depth of 237 meters below sea level and then it rose up 70 meters. Calculate the new depth of the submarine.


The temperature in St. Catherine was βˆ’ 6 ∘ C at three o’clock in the morning and increased to 1 5 ∘ C in the afternoon. By how much did the temperature increase?


There were 28 bees in a beehive and 42 bees collecting pollen from nearby flowers. How many bees were there altogether?


A town needed more houses. The council built 194 houses in the town and 692 houses in a nearby village. How many houses were built in total?


Given that 5 + 𝑛 = βˆ’ 5 , find the value of 𝑛 .


Jennifer has 85 stamps. She gave 25 to her friend. How many stamps does Jennifer have left?


Ethan is reading a book that has 935 pages. If he finished reading 404 pages, how many pages are left?


William is playing a board game. From START, he moves 10 spaces forward. In his next turn, he moves 6 spaces back. How many spaces away from START is he now?