Lesson Worksheet: Word Problems: Multiplying by One-Digit Numbers Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice solving multistep word problems where we have to multiply by one-digit numbers.


42 children were at a birthday party. Every child was given 8 candies and they each ate one candy and saved the rest for later. How many of the candies have NOT been eaten?


There are 8 tables with 6 bags on each one of them, and each bag contains 4 pencils. Find the total number of pencils.


Ethan bought a jacket for 801 pounds and 4 books that cost 93 pounds each. Find the total amount of money he spent.


A shopkeeper has 8 boxes of soap, and each box contains 68 bars. If he sells 385 bars of soap, how many are left?


There are 52 cards in a pack. Anthony tipped out 3 packs of cards to build card towers. Afterwards, he could only find 131 cards. How many cards are missing?


Elizabeth bought 9 packets containing 14 balloons each to decorate for a party. During the party, 12 of the balloons popped.

How many balloons did she buy?

How many balloons did not pop?


A woman had 28 LE. Then she bought 4 toys for 5 LE each. How much money is left?


A girl had 230 LE and then she bought 9 m of wool for 9 LE per meter. How much money does she have left?


Jennifer has 71 dominoes. Each one is 4 centimeters long. If she lines them up end to end as shown, how many meters long is the line of dominoes?


If it takes 14 cups to fill a jug of milk, how many cups are needed to fill 4 jugs of milk?

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