Lesson Worksheet: Word Problems: Multiplying by One-Digit Numbers Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice solving multistep word problems where we have to multiply by one-digit numbers.


42 children were at a birthday party. Every child was given 8 candies and they each ate one candy and saved the rest for later. How many of the candies have NOT been eaten?


There are 8 tables with 6 bags on each one of them, and each bag contains 4 pencils. Find the total number of pencils.


A fruit vendor has 4 boxes containing 121 red apples each and 9 boxes containing 91 yellow apples each. How many apples does the vendor have?


A family of 3 eats 6 kilograms of fish each week. One kilogram of fish costs 35 LE. How much do they spend on fish in four weeks?


Butane produces 3,260 Btu per cubic foot. If a company burns 7,345 cubic feet of butane, how much thermal energy does it produce in Btu?


A family buys 3 kilograms of bananas, 8 kilograms of apples, and 7 kilograms of oranges every month. One kilogram of bananas costs 13 LE, of apples costs 17 LE, and of oranges costs 5 LE. How much do they spend on fruit each month?


A class of 24 students were asked to make paper snowflakes to decorate the school in winter. Each student made 14 snowflakes and their teacher made 35.

Select the correct equation, where π‘₯ is the total number of snowflakes.

  • A(35Γ—14)+24=π‘₯
  • B(24Γ—35)+14=π‘₯
  • C24+14+35=π‘₯
  • D24Γ—14=π‘₯
  • E(24Γ—14)+35=π‘₯

How many snowflakes did they make?


Ethan bought a jacket for 801 pounds and 4 books that cost 93 pounds each. Find the total amount of money he spent.


One kilogram of meat costs 86 LE and one litre of juice costs 800 piasters. How much do 10 kg of meat and 13 litres of juice cost?


A man had a 100-pound note and 6 one-pound coins. He bought four toys for 6 pounds,10 pounds,2 pounds, and 3 pounds. How much money is left?

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