Worksheet: Estimating Quotients: Three-Digit Divisors

In this worksheet, we will practice using rounding and compatible numbers to estimate the quotient when the divisor is a three-digit number.


Daisy is saving up to buy a bike that costs $99. She gets $12 each week in pocket money. How many weeks will she have to wait until she has enough money to buy the bike?

Which calculation will help us answer this question?

  • A12รท99=433
  • B99+12=111
  • C99รท12=334
  • D99โˆ’12=87
  • E99รท12=8

To find the number of weeks she has to wait, should we ignore the remainder or round it up?

  • ARound it up
  • BIgnore it


  • ABecause she does not need to wait any further weeks.
  • BBecause she needs to wait another week to earn the remaining $3.
  • CDo NOT use the congruence symbol.
  • DBecause the remainder is less than $99.
  • EBecause the remainder is less than $5.


We want to divide 6025 by 241 using the standard division algorithm.

What result do you expect?

  • Aaround 2
  • Baround 3
  • Caround 200
  • Daround 30
  • Earound 3000

The diagram below shows the first stage of the division algorithm. The digit ๐‘Ž (between 1 and 9) represents how many 241s there are in 602 tens. What is the place value of ๐‘Ž in the quotient?

  • Atens
  • Bthousands
  • Cunits
  • Dhundreds
  • Eten thousands

What is the value of ๐‘Ž?

  • A๐‘Ž=1
  • B๐‘Ž=3
  • C๐‘Ž=4
  • D๐‘Ž=5
  • E๐‘Ž=2

We have found that there are two 241s in 602 (๐‘Ž=2) or 241 times 2 tens in 602 tens. The number ๐‘ is 2 times 241 tens. Which of the following is true?

  • A๐‘=2ร—241โˆ’10
  • B๐‘=2ร—241
  • C๐‘=2ร—241ร—10
  • D๐‘=2ร—241+10
  • E๐‘=2ร—241ร—100

The number ๐‘ is the remainder of the previous division. Which of the following is true?

  • A6025=2ร—241โˆ’๐‘
  • B6025=2ร—241+๐‘
  • C6025=200ร—241+๐‘
  • D6025=20ร—241+๐‘
  • E6025=20ร—241โˆ’๐‘

The diagram below shows the second stage of the division algorithm. The number ๐‘‘ is between 1 and 9 and represents the number of 241s in 1205. What are the values of ๐‘‘,๐‘’, and ๐‘“?

  • A๐‘‘=5,๐‘’=1205,๐‘“=0
  • B๐‘‘=5,๐‘’=0,๐‘“=241
  • C๐‘‘=25,๐‘’=0,๐‘“=0
  • D๐‘‘=25,๐‘’=1205,๐‘“=964
  • E๐‘‘=4,๐‘’=964,๐‘“=0


Mrs. Noah is arranging a field trip for her class of 32 students. She will be going herself along with three other teachers. She decides to use a company whose buses seat 15 people each. How many buses will she need to book?

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