Worksheet: Adding by Counting On: Numbers up to 20

In this worksheet, we will practice adding within 20 by counting on from one of the numbers.


To find 8 plus 4, we can start at 8 and count forward 4.

Finish counting forward to find the answer to 8 plus 4.


Amelia put her counter on 11 then moved it forward 3 spaces.

Help Amelia to find the missing number.


Find the answer to the following:


Scarlett holds up 3 fingers and starts counting up, putting up one finger at a time. She stops when she is holding up 8 fingers.

Was she adding or subtracting?

  • Asubtracting
  • Badding

Pick the number sentence that matches what she did.

  • A3+5=8
  • B85=3


Fill in the blank: 8+3=.

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