Lesson Worksheet: Adding by Counting On: Numbers up to 20 Mathematics • 1st Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice adding within 20 by counting on from one of the numbers.


To find 8 plus 4, we can start at 8 and count forward 4.

Finish counting forward to find the answer to 8 plus 4.


Mia put her counter on 11 then moved it forward 3 spaces.

Help Mia to find the missing number.


Find the answer to the following:


Sophia holds up 3 fingers and starts counting up, putting up one finger at a time. She stops when she is holding up 8 fingers.

Was she adding or subtracting?

  • Asubtracting
  • Badding

Pick the number sentence that matches what she did.

  • A3+5=8
  • B85=3


Fill in the blank: 8+3=.


There are 15 footballs in the box. I am going to put 2 more footballs into the box.

Count on from 15 to find out how many footballs will be in the box.


Complete the missing values in the figure from left to right.

  • A17, 18, 19
  • B16, 17, 18
  • C15, 16, 17


Find the missing number to make the equation correct.


This is a game board.

Scarlett’s pawn is on number 11. Scarlett moves her pawn by 8 forward. Which number does Scarlett’s pawn land on?

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