Lesson Worksheet: Vector Operations in 2D Mathematics • 12th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice performing operations on vectors algebraically such as vector addition, vector subtraction, and scalar multiplication in two dimensions.


Given that A=6,11, find 12A.

  • A12,22
  • B12,11
  • C6,11
  • D3,11
  • E3,5.5


Given that A=1,8, find 3A.

  • A1,24
  • B24,3
  • C3,24
  • D3,8


Given that A=1,2 and B=3,6, find 6+2AB.

  • A0,24
  • B12,0
  • C0,0
  • D12,0
  • E0,24


Given that A=2,4 and B=7,6, find AB4.

  • A26,28
  • B26,20
  • C30,28
  • D30,20


Given that A=1,0,1 and C=3,1,4, determine 42(+4)OCA, where O is a zero vector.

  • A14,2,0
  • B7,1,0
  • C2,2,12
  • D2,2,16


If AB+=1,2 and AB=3,8, find A.

  • A2,5
  • B3,8
  • C1,2
  • D2,10
  • E4,10


On a lattice, where 𝐴𝐶=3,3, 𝐵𝐶=13,7, and 2𝑂𝐶+2𝐴𝐵=4,4, find the coordinates of the point 𝐶.

  • A(8,12)
  • B(12,8)
  • C(14,6)
  • D(18,2)
  • E(16,24)


Given that A=4,1 and B=2,1, express C=8,1 in terms of A and B.

  • A7+10AB
  • B+6AB
  • C56AB
  • D32AB


Given that B=9,3, C=4,2, and D=2,9, determine the vector A that satisfies the equation ABCD=4+26.

  • A56,38
  • B56,38
  • C40,46
  • D40,46


Given that A=3,5, B=2,0, and C=4,5, find |22+2|ABC.

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