Lesson Worksheet: Properties of Esters Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and naming esters and describing their physical properties.


Which of the following types of molecules can react together to form an ester?

  • AAlcohol + alcohol
  • BCarboxylic acid + alcohol
  • CCarboxylic acid + alkene
  • DAlkane + alkane
  • EAlcohol + halogenoalkane


What name, according to IUPAC nomenclature, does the ester CHCHCOOCHCH3223 have?

  • APropyl ethanoate
  • BEthyl ethanoate
  • CEthoxy propanoxy
  • DPropyl propanoate
  • EEthyl propanoate


Which of the following is not a typical use of esters?

  • AIndustrial solvents
  • BPlastic bottles
  • CFlavorings
  • DFuel for power stations
  • EMedical drugs


The table below shows the solubility of five unknown esters. Which of the unknown esters is likely to have the longest chain length? Assume the chains are linear and there is no branching.

Ester A B C D E
Solubility (g/100 mL) 8.7 0.6 10.5 2.2 4.9
  • AA
  • BD
  • CC
  • DB
  • EE


It is possible for a molecule containing an alcohol and a carboxylic acid group to react with itself to form cyclic esters known as lactones. Which structure would result from the reaction of 5-hydroxy pentanoic acid with itself?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Which of the following molecules is likely to have the lowest boiling point?

  • A1,4-Butanediol (CHO)4102
  • B1-Butanol (CHO)410
  • CMethyl propanoate (CHO)482
  • DButanoic acid (CHO)482


Oil of wintergreen is an ester that can be prepared from salicylic acid. The structures of both molecules are shown. How might oil of wintergreen be prepared directly from salicylic acid?

  • ABy the reaction of salicylic acid with ethanol
  • BBy the reaction of salicylic acid with propanol
  • CBy the reaction of salicylic acid with methanol
  • DBy the reaction of salicylic acid with methane
  • EBy the reaction of salicylic acid with ethane


Which of the following names does the ester shown have?

  • AEthyl benzoate
  • BPhenyl benzoate
  • CPropyl benzoate
  • DPhenyl propanoate
  • EBenzyl methanoate


Consider the following reaction:


What ester is produced from this reaction?

  • AEthyl butanoate
  • BEthyl propanoate
  • CPropyl butanoate
  • DMethyl butanoate
  • EButyl ethanoate


Which of the following could be used in the preparation of CHCOOCH2525?

  • APropanoic acid and propanol
  • BPropanoic acid and ethanol
  • CEthanoic acid and ethanol
  • DEthanoic acid and propanol

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