Lesson Worksheet: Algebra: The Percent Equation Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems using the percent equation.


In a family, 21 out of 25 members are female. What percentage of the family are female?


Write an equation to represent 23% of 619, and then solve it to the nearest tenth.

  • A𝑛0.23=619, 𝑛=269.1
  • B𝑛=0.23619, 𝑛=142.4
  • C𝑛23=6.19, 𝑛=3.7
  • D𝑛=2.3619, 𝑛=14.2
  • E𝑛23=0.62, 𝑛=37.2


Fill in the missing value: 27% of 500 is 15% of .


Fill in the missing value: 614% of =25.


During target practice, an archer shot 389 arrows. If 23.3% of his arrows hit the bullseye, determine, to the nearest whole number, how many arrows struck the bullseye.


Write an equation that represents 0.5% of 84.8, and then solve it to the nearest tenth.

  • A𝑛0.5=0.848,𝑛=1.7
  • B𝑛84.8=0.5,𝑛=42.4
  • C𝑛0.5100=84.8,𝑛=17.0
  • D𝑛84.8=0.5100,𝑛=0.4
  • E𝑛0.5=0.0848,𝑛=0.2


Fill in the missing value: % of 50 is 22.


A vase contains some flowers. 20% of the flowers are pink, 48% of the flowers are violet, and the rest are red. Given that the vase contains 10 pink flowers, calculate how many violet flowers and how many red flowers it contains.

  • Aviolet flowers =24, red flowers =16
  • Bviolet flowers =24, red flowers =26
  • Cviolet flowers =48, red flowers =52
  • Dviolet flowers =48, red flowers =42


Last month, the amount that Bandar spent on transportation was 88% of the amount he spent on utilities. If he spent $550 on transportation, determine the amount he spent on utilities.


The price of a mobile phone is 550 LE. After a 42% discount, how much will the phone cost?

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