Lesson Worksheet: Fertilization and Pregnancy Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the process of fertilization and subsequent embryo development, including an outline of how twins may form.


What structure secretes progesterone during the last five months of pregnancy?

  • APituitary gland
  • BCorpus luteum
  • CGraafian follicle
  • DEmbryo
  • EPlacenta


What is the significance of the acrosome reaction in fertilization?

  • AIt triggers meiosis II inside the egg cell.
  • BIt causes the outer jelly coat of the egg to change so that no other sperm can enter.
  • CIt releases enzymes that allow a sperm to penetrate the outer jelly coat of the egg.
  • DIt releases enzymes that digest the first polar body.
  • EIt dissolves the follicle cells surrounding the egg, allowing the sperm to reach the egg cell membrane.


Which feature correctly describes fraternal twins?

  • AThey are formed from one egg and two sperm.
  • BThey are formed from a single zygote.
  • CThey must be the same sex.
  • DThey have the same DNA.
  • EThey are formed from two eggs and two sperm.


What usually happens when a zygote develops into two embryos?

  • AThis question is misleading; a zygote cannot develop into two embryos.
  • BThey develop into identical twins that share a placenta.
  • CThey develop into fraternal twins, each with a separate placenta.
  • DThey develop into fraternal twins with a shared amnion.
  • EThey develop into fraternal twins that share a placenta.


Which organ system is the first to begin development in the early embryo?

  • AReproductive system
  • BRespiratory system
  • CDigestive system
  • DNervous system
  • ESkeletal system


What is a characteristic of monozygotic twins?

  • AThey are not genetically identical.
  • BThey are formed from 1 egg and 2 sperm.
  • CThey are always the same sex.
  • DThey develop with the same umbilical cord.


From which embryonic structure does the placenta grow?

  • AInner cell mass
  • BUmbilical cord
  • CChorion
  • DAmnion
  • ENeural tube


What is the correct sequence that shows the pathway taken by a sperm to meet an egg?

  • AVagina cervix uterus oviduct
  • BVagina uterus oviduct ovary
  • CUterus cervix oviduct vagina
  • DVagina uterus cervix oviduct
  • ECervix uterus oviduct ovary


How many chromosomes are in a human zygote?

  • A46 plus 2 sex chromosomes
  • B46, including 2 sex chromosomes
  • C46, including 1 sex chromosome
  • D23 plus 1 sex chromosome
  • E23, including 1 sex chromosome


The figure shows a fetus just before birth. What is the role of the pituitary hormone oxytocin in the birth process?

The cross section of 7 months old baby in the wob of pregnancy system
  • AIt increases blood supply to the placenta.
  • BIt stimulates fetal movement.
  • CIt stimulates the formation of the amniotic sac.
  • DIt stimulates uterine contractions.

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