Lesson Worksheet: Static and Current Electricity Science

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining what is meant by static and current electricity and investigating ways to generate both types of electricity.


Fill in the blanks: When David rubs the balloon against his hair, the balloon his hair because .

  • Asticks to, static electricity has been produced
  • Bmoves away from, there is an electric current
  • Cmoves away from, static electricity has been produced
  • Dsticks to, of magnetism


Lightning occurs when positive electric charges on the ground meet with negative electric charges in clouds.

Lightning strike on the dark cloudy sky

Is lightning caused by static electricity?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Fill in the blank: Electricity is due to electric charges. Electricity can flow through wires but there is a kind of electricity called that does not flow through wires.

  • Acurrent electricity
  • Bstatic electricity
  • Can electric circuit


Benjamin rubs a balloon against a woolen cloth.

He presses the balloon against a wall and it stays there.

Fill in the blanks: When Benjamin rubs the balloon with the woolen cloth, electric charges are formed on the so the balloon is the wall.

  • Aballoon, repelled by
  • Bwall, repelled by
  • Cwall, attracted to
  • Dballoon, attracted to


Olivia turns on a faucet so that a stream of water flows into the sink.

She takes a plastic ruler and moves it toward the water but nothing happens.

Olivia then rubs the ruler against her sweater and moves it toward the water again.

Fill in the blanks: Before rubbing the ruler, the ruler has no electric charge. When the ruler is rubbed against a piece of cloth, the ruler gains an electric charge that the stream of water it.

  • Apushes, away from
  • Battracts, toward
  • Cattracts, away from
  • Dpushes, toward


A ruler is rubbed against a sweater made of wool. The ruler becomes charged.

What will happen when the ruler is then held close to a bowl of sugar?

  • ASugar will be attracted to the ruler.
  • BSugar will be pushed away from the ruler.
  • CNothing will happen.


Natalie took a balloon and rubbed it against a piece of woolen cloth. When she moved the balloon close to some scraps of paper, the paper stuck to the balloon.

Fill in the blank: When Natalie rubbed the balloon against the cloth, she produced electricity.

  • Acurrent
  • Bstatic


Which of these events is caused by static electricity?

  • A
  • B


We can use a potato as an energy source. By putting a piece of copper and a piece of zinc into a potato and connecting it to a light bulb in a circuit, we can get the bulb to light up.

Fill in the blanks in the following statements.

When the light bulb is lit, we know there be an energy change in the circuit because energy has been produced.

  • Amust, electrical
  • Bmust, chemical
  • Ccannot, chemical
  • Dcannot, electrical

The energy produced was converted from the energy in the potato.

  • Achemical
  • Belectrical


Which of following causes the boy’s hair to stick to the balloon?

  • AMagnetism
  • BStatic electricity
  • CGravity

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