Lesson Worksheet: Adding Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice adding fractions and mixed numbers with different denominators by partitioning and finding common denominators and writing the answer in simplest form.


Evaluate 367+23 giving the answer in its simplest form.

  • A41121
  • B12021
  • C2910
  • D247
  • E3421


Calculate 349+467.

  • A163
  • B7
  • C1263
  • D81963
  • E91963


Calculate 725+123+213. Give your answer in its simplest form.

  • A1435
  • B3423
  • C11423
  • D1125


Two students are asked to add 113 and 527. Jackson says the result is 51321 and Mia says the result is 61321. Who is correct?

  • AJackson
  • BMia


True or False: 73+85=31415.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


A runner is training for a long-distance race. She ran 225 km on Monday. On Tuesday, she ran 234 km farther than she did on Monday. How far did she run on Tuesday?

  • A5320 km
  • B5420 km
  • C42340 km
  • D4320 km
  • E459 km


Jacob has spilled ink over one of the numbers in the following addition sentence: 314+23=51720.

What is the missing denominator?


Madison wants to add together 223 and 127.

She knows that she can convert these mixed numbers to improper fractions to help find the total. What are the missing numerators?



Use your improper fractions to help find the total of 223 and 127.

  • A347
  • B32021
  • C31921
  • D3410
  • E32042


Natalie wants to bake a cake. She has 13 of a cup of sugar and 112 cups of flour. How many cups does she have in total?

  • A115 cups
  • B215 cups
  • C256 cups
  • D156 cups
  • E116 cups


True or False: 114+535=61720.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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