Lesson Worksheet: Water on Earth Science • 2nd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice locating, describing, and classifying water on Earth.


Water is found on Earth in lakes, rivers, oceans, and streams.

Which of those contains most of Earth’s water?

  • ALakes
  • BStreams
  • CRivers
  • DOceans


What is a glacier?

  • AA huge sheet of frozen ice
  • BA floating piece of ice that has broken off an ice cap
  • CA slow-moving mass of ice


About how much of Earth’s surface is covered in ice?

  • AMore than half
  • BLess than half
  • CAbout a half


Where is most of the fresh water (naturally occurring water, not oceans) found on Earth?

  • AIn ice caps and glaciers
  • BIn lakes and rivers


Which of the following contains most of Earth's water?

  • AOceans
  • BRivers
  • CLakes
  • DClouds


About how much of Earth’s surface is covered by water?

  • AThree-quarters
  • BA quarter
  • CA half


The image shows a photo of planet Earth taken from a satellite in outer space. The green and brown areas show the land. The blue areas are Earth’s oceans. What does the white area show?

The Earth
  • AParts of Earth that are covered by clouds
  • BParts of Earth that are covered in ice or snow


Water can be found on Earth as a solid, a liquid, or a gas.


Is a snowflake a solid, a liquid, or a gas?

  • AA solid
  • BA gas
  • CA liquid


The polar bear and penguins are standing on icebergs. What is an iceberg?

  • AA large piece of floating ice that has broken away from a glacier or sheet of ice and been carried out to sea
  • BA large rock that is covered in snow


Which of the labels shows a continent covered in solid water?

  • APacific Ocean
  • BLake Superior
  • CAntarctica
  • DEurope

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