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Worksheet: Water on Earth's Surface


Water is found on Earth in lakes, rivers, oceans, and streams.

Which of those contains most of Earth’s water?

  • ARivers
  • BLakes
  • CStreams
  • DOceans


About how much of Earth’s surface is covered in ice?

  • AMore than half
  • BAbout a half
  • CLess than half


What is a glacier?

  • AA floating piece of ice that has broken off an ice cap
  • BA huge sheet of frozen ice
  • CA slow-moving mass of ice


All living things need water to survive. Is this statement true or false?

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Where is most of the fresh water (naturally occurring water, not oceans) found on Earth?

  • AIn ice caps and glaciers
  • BIn lakes and rivers


Which of the given statements is true?

  • AThe amount of water on Earth is less than it was when Earth was formed.
  • BThe amount of water on Earth is more than it was when Earth was formed.
  • CThe amount of water on Earth now is the same as it has always been.