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Worksheet: The Force Exerted by a Rotating Planar Body on Its Axis of Rotation


A uniform rod of length 2 𝑙 and mass π‘š is free to rotate in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis passing through its centre. A horizontal force of constant magnitude is applied to one of the ends of the rod in a direction perpendicular to the rod causing the rod to rotate with an angular acceleration of 2 4 𝑔 𝑙 , where 𝑔 is the acceleration due to gravity. Find the magnitude of the force applied.

  • A 1 6 π‘š 𝑔
  • B 4 π‘š 𝑔
  • C 3 2 π‘š 𝑔
  • D 8 π‘š 𝑔
  • E 1 6 π‘š 𝑔 π‘Ž