Lesson Worksheet: Distillation Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice describing and troubleshooting distillation methods and describing their use in liquid separation and purification.


When should distillation be used?

  • AWhen separating a mixture of liquids with different boiling points
  • BWhen a very high temperature is needed
  • CWhen separating liquids that are immiscible
  • DWhen obtaining the solute from a solution
  • EWhen separating an insoluble solid from a soluble solid


Which of the following industrial processes does not involve fractional distillation?

  • ASeparating gases in air
  • BExtracting ethanol from a fermentation mixture
  • CMaking sulfuric acid through the contact process
  • DRefining crude oil


The given table shows the boiling points of four liquids that are mixed together.

Molecules2-ButanolEthanoic acidEthyl ethanoateMethanol
Boiling Point (C)981187765

In what order would each liquid be collected if fractional distillation was used to separate them?

  • AEthyl ethanoate, ethanoic acid, methanol, 2-butanol
  • BEthanoic acid, 2-butanol, ethyl ethanoate, methanol
  • CMethanol, 2-butanol, ethanoic acid, ethyl ethanoate
  • DMethanol, ethyl ethanoate, 2-butanol, ethanoic acid
  • E2-Butanol, ethanoic acid, ethyl ethanoate, methanol

Ethanol has a boiling point of 78C. Why would fractional distillation not separate ethanol from the mixture?

  • AEthanol has a very similar boiling point to ethyl ethanoate.
  • BWhen heated, ethanol decomposes to ethane and water.
  • CEthanol will start to crystallize as the mixture evaporates.
  • DEthanol would not mix with the other liquids.


When performing a distillation, why is the thermometer placed at the top of the column instead of in the solution?

  • ASo as to provide an additional surface for the vapor to condense on
  • BSo the thermometer does not contaminate the solution
  • CSo the thermometer does not break
  • DSo the temperature of the vapor is measured
  • ESo it does not block the vapor from traveling up the column


The image below shows a piece of labware often used in fractional distillation. What name is given to this piece of labware?

  • AFunnel
  • BAdapter
  • CGas syringe
  • DCondenser
  • EConnector


During fractional distillation, why are glass beads placed into the column?

  • ATo stop the thermometer from falling into the reaction mixture
  • BTo keep the temperature even throughout the column
  • CTo strengthen the column
  • DTo stop any liquid that condenses from falling back into the reaction mixture
  • ETo increase the surface area available for condensing the vapor


Which technique could be used to obtain pure liquid acetaldehyde (boiling point 20C) from a mixture of acetaldehyde and ethanol (boiling point 78C)?

  • ADistillation
  • BEvaporation
  • CCentrifugation
  • DFiltration
  • ECrystallization


Which of the following methods is the most appropriate for separating a liquid with a low boiling point from a mixture of liquids?

  • AFiltration
  • BCrystallization
  • CEvaporation
  • DCentrifugation
  • EDistillation


Consider a mixture of methanol whose boiling point is 64.7C and water whose boiling point is 100C. Which of the following methods can be used to separate this mixture?

  • AFiltration
  • BChromatography
  • CCrystallization
  • DFractional distillation
  • EEvaporation


The given apparatus shows the simple distillation of a table salt solution. In which part of the apparatus is salt collected at the end of the experiment?

  • AThe distilling flask
  • BThe conical flask
  • CThe condenser
  • DThe glass beaker

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