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Lesson Worksheet: The Nervous System Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the structure and function of the nervous system.


What is the scientific term for the column nerve that runs through the backbone and is connected to the brain?

  • AIntestine
  • BDiaphragm
  • CSpinal cord
  • DPancreas


What is the scientific term for the organ that receives and processes information to make the body react?

  • ANerve
  • BSpinal cord
  • CSense organ
  • DBrain


True or False: When a person receives information from the environment, the nerves carry it to the spinal cord to be processed.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


What is the scientific term for a group of cells that transfer impulses from the brain or the spinal cord to the sensory organs and vice versa?

  • ANerves
  • BSenses
  • CReflexes
  • DSignals


Look at the figure.

What are the name and function of this system?

  • AThe nervous system, responsible for controlling body processes and reactions
  • BThe digestive system, responsible for breaking down food into a simple form
  • CThe circulatory system, responsible for moving the blood throughout the body
  • DThe respiratory system, responsible for gas exchange inside the body


Look at the diagram.

What part of the nervous system functions as the main control center for the entire body?

  • AThe brain
  • BSensory organs
  • CNerves
  • DNeurons
  • EThe spinal cord


Look at the diagram.

What part of the nervous system directs and coordinates ideas, behavior, and emotions?

  • AThe peripheral nervous system
  • BThe sensory organs
  • CThe nerves
  • DThe brain
  • EThe spinal cord


Which label is the brain?


A group of students are talking about the many important functions a nervous system carries out in a body.

Who is correct?

  • AChloe, Jacob, and Madison
  • BMadison and Natalie
  • CChloe and Natalie
  • DChloe, Madison, and Natalie


Fill in the blanks: You grab an ice cube with your hand and hold it for a few seconds, then you think, “Wow, that is cold!” and let it go. The stimulus travels from your hand to your through your and then to your .

  • Aspinal cord, nerves, brain
  • Bbrain, nerves, spinal cord
  • Cnerves, spinal cord, brain
  • Dbrain, spinal cord, nerves
  • Espinal cord, brain, nerves

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