Worksheet: Meters

In this worksheet, we will practice how to use metersticks and tape measures to find the length of objects to the nearest meter.


Is the tennis racket longer or shorter than 1 meter?

  • Ashorter
  • Blonger


Is the table longer or shorter than 2 meters?

  • Ashorter
  • Blonger


Here are three meter sticks. They are all 1 meter long.

We can use them to measure length.

The rug is 3 meters long.

How long is the sofa?

  • A3 meters long
  • B2 meters long
  • C1 meter long


Use a ruler to find the longest line.

  • A 𝐶 𝐷
  • B 𝐴 𝐵
  • C 𝐸 𝐹


Use the meterstick to find the length of the bus to the nearest meter.


Use the meter stick to find the height of the child to the nearest meter.


True or False: The height of the tree is about 4 meters.