Worksheet: Plate Tectonics

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing the effects of the movement of tectonic plates in shaping the Earth.


What is a tsunami?

  • AA storm with very strong winds
  • BA large powerful ocean wave
  • CA tropical cyclone
  • DA type of earthquake


The movement of tectonic plates creates the shape of the land and oceans. It can also cause natural disasters. Which of the following is not a natural disaster?

  • AThe formation of mountains
  • BVolcanic eruptions
  • CTsunamis
  • DEarthquakes


What is the name of the plate shown in the image?

North America  plate
  • AAfrican Plate
  • BSouth American Plate
  • CEurasian Plate
  • DNorth American Plate


The diagram shows the different layers that make up planet Earth. Which layer is also called Earth’s surface?

  • AMantle
  • BCore
  • CCrust


Tectonic plates float on the molten earth. They move very slowly. This movement is responsible for creating the continents on our planet. What is this movement of tectonic plates known as?

  • AAn earthquake
  • BContinental drift


Earth’s crust is not a single continuous piece of solid land. It is broken into many pieces.

What is the name given to these pieces or parts?

  • ATectonic plates
  • BEarth’s crust
  • CMagma

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