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Worksheet: Simple Harmonic Motion


Reciprocating motion uses the rotation of a motor to produce linear motion back and forth, as in the operation of the reciprocating saw shown in the diagram. If the motor rotates at 84 Hz and has a radius of 1.9 cm, find the maximum speed of the saw blade during its back and forth motion.


How is the frequency 𝑓 of an oscillation related to the oscillation’s period 𝑇 ?

  • A 𝑓 = βˆ’ 𝑇
  • B 𝑓 = π‘˜ 𝑇
  • C 𝑓 = ( 𝑇 ) s i n
  • D 𝑓 = 1 𝑇
  • E 𝑓 = √ 𝑇


Find the frequency of a tuning fork that takes 3 . 0 4 Γ— 1 0 βˆ’ 3 s to complete one oscillation.


A radio station broadcasts at 89.2 MHz. What is the duration of one cycle of the primary oscillation?


What is the period of 73.0 Hz electrical power?


A tire has a tread pattern in which a crevice occurs every 3.50 cm along the tire’s circumference. Each crevice makes a single vibration as the tire moves. What is the frequency of these vibrations if the car moves at a speed of 41.0 m/s?

  • A 1.17 Hz
  • B 0.0854 Hz
  • C 11.7 Hz
  • D 1 1 7 0 Hz
  • E 1 4 4 0 Hz