Lesson Worksheet: Capacitors Physics • 9th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice converting between common units of capacitance and describing how capacitors work in circuits.


As a capacitor is charged, the amount of charge on it , and the potential difference across it .

  • Adecreases, decreases
  • Bincreases, decreases
  • Cincreases, remains constant
  • Dincreases, increases
  • Edecreases, increases


What is 3.2 mF in microfarads?


What is 0.56 F in millifarads?


How many microfarads are there in 1 farad?


The diagram shows a circuit containing a capacitor, a resistor, and a switch connected in series. The capacitor is initially charged, and the switch is initially open. What is the magnitude of the current through the circuit immediately after the switch is closed?


As a capacitor discharges, the amount of charge on it , and the potential difference across it .

  • Aincreases, decreases
  • Bincreases, increases
  • Cdecreases, increases
  • Ddecreases, decreases
  • Edecreases, remains constant


The diagram shows a circuit containing a capacitor and a resistor. The capacitor is discharging, and there is an electric current through the circuit.

What would happen if a capacitor were allowed to discharge through the same circuit, but without the resistor?

  • AThe capacitor would discharge more slowly.
  • BThe current through the wire would cause it to melt.
  • CThe capacitor would not discharge.
  • DThe capacitor would explode.
  • EThe capacitor would discharge almost instantaneously.


If the charge on a capacitor is , then the potential difference across it .

  • Aincreased, decreases
  • Bincreased, stays the same
  • Cincreased, increases
  • Ddecreased, increases
  • Edecreased, stays the same


Diagram (A) shows a circuit consisting of a cell, a switch, a capacitor, and a resistor connected in series. Which of the four graphs in diagram (B) correctly shows the potential difference across the capacitor against time when the switch is closed?

  • A(a)
  • B(c)
  • C(d)
  • D(b)


What is 89 µF in millifarads?

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