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Lesson Worksheet: Midpoint on the Coordinate Plane Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the coordinates of a midpoint between two points or the coordinates of an endpoint on the coordinate plane.


Find the midpoint of the line segment joining (2,5) and (3,5).

  • A(5,0.5)
  • B(2.5,5)
  • C(0.5,2.5)
  • D(2.5,5)
  • E(0.5,5)


Determine the midpoint of the line segment joining the coordinates 𝐴(3,5) and 𝐵(3,1).

  • A32,3
  • B(3,3)
  • C(3,3)
  • D(3,2)
  • E(3,2)


The triangle 𝐴𝐵𝐶 is shown below. Determine the midpoint of 𝐵𝐶.

  • A(1,1)
  • B(2,2)
  • C(1,2)
  • D(0,2)
  • E(2,1)


Mia plotted her journey from home to school on the coordinate plane. She dropped her keys exactly halfway on her journey from home to school.

What are the coordinates of the school?

  • A(5,2)
  • B(5,2)
  • C(1,2)
  • D(2,5)
  • E(7,2)


In the figure, the line segment 𝐴𝑀 has been constructed, where 𝐴 has coordinates (1,5) and 𝑀 has coordinates (1,3). If 𝑀 is the midpoint of a line segment 𝐴𝐵, what are the coordinates of 𝐵?

  • A(1,4)
  • B(1,2)
  • C(1,0)
  • D(1,1)
  • E(1,1)


Find the coordinates of point 𝑃 if 𝑄 has coordinates (6,10) and the midpoint of 𝑃𝑄 has coordinates (1,10).

  • A(8,10)
  • B(4,10)
  • C(3.5,10)
  • D(4,20)
  • E(10,4)


𝐴𝐵 is constructed with point 𝐴 having coordinates (0,1). If the midpoint of 𝐴𝐵 is the origin, what are the coordinates of point 𝐵?

  • A(0,2)
  • B(0,1)
  • C(1,0)
  • D(0,0.5)
  • E(1,0)


The coordinates of 𝐴 and 𝐵 are (0,8) and (6,8) respectively. Find the coordinates of the midpoint of 𝐴𝐵.

  • A(4,8)
  • B(3,4)
  • C(3,8)
  • D(3,8)
  • E(8,3)


Square 𝑃𝑄𝑅𝑆 is shown in the figure below. Find the midpoints of 𝑃𝑅 and 𝑆𝑄.

  • A(1,1) and (1,1)
  • B(4,4) and (4,4)
  • C(1,1) and (1,1)
  • D(1,1) and (1,1)
  • E(1,1) and (1,1)

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