Lesson Worksheet: The Structure of the Periodic Table Chemistry • 7th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining the arrangement of groups and periods in the periodic table in terms of valency and electron configuration.


Which of the following is an actinide?

  • ALanthanum
  • BLutetium
  • CLead
  • DLivermorium
  • ELawrencium


Which of the following is a lanthanide?

  • APotassium
  • BPolonium
  • CProtactinium
  • DPraseodymium
  • EPlutonium


Which of the following is a main group element?

  • AUranium
  • BPhosphorus
  • CZinc
  • DAmericium
  • EManganese


Which of the following is a p-block element?

  • ACerium
  • BHydrogen
  • CNickel
  • DLead
  • EBarium


Which of the following is a poor metal?

  • AGermanium
  • BTin
  • CZinc
  • DSilicon
  • EMercury


Which of the following generally decreases across a period?

  • ARadius of the most stable ion
  • BIonization energy
  • CEffective nuclear charge
  • DAtomic radius
  • EElectron affinity


The given statements represent coordinates on the periodic table. At which of these coordinates is there an element that is not a metal?

  • AGroup 15, period 7
  • BGroup 14, period 6
  • CGroup 9, period 4
  • DGroup 13, period 2
  • EGroup 6, period 4

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