Worksheet: Dividing Proper Fractions by Whole Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing proper fractions by whole numbers using equivalent fractions or multiplication and explaining the method using a model.


Hannah has 79 of a pizza which she divides into two equally sized slices. What fraction of the original pizza is each slice?

  • A727
  • B736
  • C754
  • D745
  • E718


Calculate 23÷3. Give your answer in its simplest form.

  • A412
  • B29
  • C2
  • D12
  • E114


What is 38 divided by 6?

  • A94
  • B16
  • C116
  • D49
  • E518


A ribbon of length 710 m is cut into two equal parts as shown in the diagram.

Which of the following number sentences is NOT true?

  • A710÷2=710÷2
  • B710÷2=12×710
  • C710÷2=2÷710
  • D710÷2=14÷220
  • E710÷2=710×2

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