Lesson Worksheet: Powers and Exponents Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the base and exponent in power formulas, writing them in exponential, expanded, and word forms, and evaluating simple powers.


What terminology do we use to describe the 3 in the term 𝑥?

  • Aan exponent
  • Ba factor
  • Ca coefficient
  • Dan expression
  • Ea base


Evaluate 5.


Write four squared using digits.

  • A2
  • B4
  • C4
  • D3


Write the expression 3 in words.

  • AThree to the fourth power
  • BTwo to the fourth power
  • CThree to the fifth power
  • DFour to the fourth power
  • EFour to the third power


What is the base in 5?


Is the following correct: 3=3+3+3+3?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Express the volume of a cube of edge length 5 units as an exponent, and then determine its value.

  • A5, 15 cubic units
  • B5, 125 cubic units
  • C2, 32 cubic units
  • D3, 125 cubic units
  • E5, 25 cubic units


The prefix kilo in kilometre represents 1,000 metres. Write this length as a power of ten.

  • A10 metres
  • B10 metres
  • C10 metres
  • D10 metres
  • E10 metres


The prefix mega in megameter represents 1,000,000 meters. Write this number as a power of ten.

  • A10
  • B10
  • C10
  • D10
  • E10


True or False (without Using a Calculator): 2<4.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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