Lesson Worksheet: Distributive Property Applications Mathematics • 9th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice applying the distributive property to evaluate expressions and solving problems involving real-life situations.


The average attendance per game during a season of baseball was about 65,000 people. Use the distributive property to find how many people attended 7 games during that season.


Fill in the blank: 400=(3×100)+(×100).


Complete: 1,000×7=5+.thousandsthousands


Given that 𝑥×(6+9)=(7×6)+(7×9), find the value of 𝑥.


Using the distributive property, calculate 59+59×(49).


Use the distributive property to calculate the value of 76+76×2576.


Complete: 100×7=2+.hundredshundreds


Using the distributive property, calculate 12+12×88.


Using the distributive property, calculate 57×4747.


Isabella is trying to figure out the cost of 8 juice boxes that are sold for $4.11 each. Which of the following mathematical sentences can be used to help Isabella do her calculations easily and states the real number property applied?

  • A8(4.11)=8(4+0.11), the associative property of multiplication
  • B8(4.11)=8(4+0.11), the commutative property of multiplication
  • C8(4.11)=8(4+0.11), the distributive property
  • D8+4.11=4.11+8, the commutative property of addition
  • E8+4.11=8+(4+0.11), the distributive property

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