Worksheet: Adding and Subtracting Numbers up to 10

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems by deciding whether to add or subtract and then completing equations by adding and subtracting within 10.


A pizza had 8 slices. 3 of them had pepperoni on them.

Which of these tells you how many slices did NOT have pepperoni?

  • A83
  • B5+3
  • C8+3


There were 4 cupcakes on a plate. 2 of them had chocolate frosting.

Which of these tells you how many did not have chocolate frosting?

  • A32
  • B4+2
  • C42


A fisherman caught 2 fish. Then, he caught 1 more.

Which of these tells you how many fish he caught in total?

  • A2+2
  • B21
  • C2+1


8 children are at a party, but then 2 have to leave. Which of these tells you how many children are left at the party?

  • A82
  • B6+2
  • C8+2


5 children are playing a game. 3 more children join in.

Which of these tells you how many children are there in total?

  • A53
  • B8+3
  • C5+3


If Ethan has 5 brothers and 2 sisters, then how many brothers and sisters does his sister Charlotte have?

  • A3 brothers and 2 sisters
  • B2 brothers and 2 sisters
  • C6 brothers and 1 sister
  • D2 brothers and 3 sisters


You have 4 blue sweaters and 3 red ones. How many sweaters do you have?

  • A103=7
  • B4+3=7
  • C43=7


There are 8 children playing. 3 of them are boys. Pick the subtraction sentence that shows how many girls there are.

  • A83=5
  • B3+5=8
  • C8+3=5


This garden had 5 flowers. Then, Jennifer picked 2 flowers. How many flowers are left in the garden?

  • A53=2
  • B52=3
  • C5+2=3

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