Lesson Worksheet: Measurements Eleven Plus

In this worksheet, we will practice estimating measurements of real-life objects.


The pointer shows how much the sack of flour weighs.

If 800 g of flour is removed from the sack, what will the new weight be?

  • A5.4 kg
  • B5.6 kg
  • C7 kg
  • D5.3 kg
  • E4.8 kg


Oscar wants to bake bread.

To weigh the ingredients, he puts a bowl on a scale and zeroes it (so that the scale shows zero for the empty bowl).

He weighs 450 g of wheat flour.

Then, he starts adding rye flour into the same bowl.

This is what the scale shows.

Oscar needs in total 150 g of rye flour.

What weight of rye flour does he still need to add?

  • A0 g
  • B60 g
  • C130 g
  • D10 g
  • E30 g


Which container will hold about 5 millilitres?

  • AMug
  • BSwimming pool
  • CBath
  • DSoup bowl
  • ETeaspoon


Molly is moving house, so she packs 25 of her paperback books into a cardboard box.

How much is the box of books likely to weigh?

  • A100 g
  • B100 kg
  • C10 kg
  • D10 g
  • E1 kg


A large-sized teapot holds just enough for 8 cups of tea.

Which of these is likely to be its correct volume?

  • A400 millilitres
  • B4 litres
  • C16 litres
  • D160 millilitres
  • E1.6 litres


Mr Bradley has 4 litres of liquid and needs a container for it.

Which container is most suitable?

  • ABath
  • BThimble
  • CLarge saucepan
  • DSoup bowl
  • ECup

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