Worksheet: Why we Need Light

In this worksheet, we will practice on why we need light.


Which statement correctly explains how we see objects?

  • AA light source shines on an object and reflects light into our eye, allowing us to see.
  • BA light source shines from our eyes and reaches the object, allowing us to see.


Fill in the blank: Man-made sources of light are known as light.

New York City-72 ppi
  • Areflective
  • Bnatural
  • Cartificial
  • Dbright


The photograph shows a full moon.

Full moon-72 ppi

True or False: The Moon is not a source of light.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue

True or False: The moon reflects light from the Sun.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Which of the diagrams correctly shows how we see light?

  • AC
  • BA
  • CB


Class 3 made a dark box and placed a book, a pencil, and a ruler inside.

They made a peephole so they could look inside the box.

They also made a hole to allow them to shine a flashlight into the box.

If the torch is switched off, what will the children be able to see inside the box?

  • ANone of the objects
  • BSome of the objects
  • CAll of the objects


Fill in the blank: We can see things because our eyes take in light. We call things that produce light of light.

Light bulbs-72 ppi
  • Asources
  • Breflectors
  • Cproducers


Which of the following is a source of light?

Solar system and space objects-72 ppi
  • AThe Sun
  • BEarth
  • CThe Moon


Shiny objects are bright when a light is shone on them.

Which of these objects would appear the brightest under a lamp?

  • AThe keys
  • BThe table
  • CThe woolly hat

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