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Lesson Worksheet: Neutrinos Physics

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the properties of electron neutrinos, mu neutrinos, and tau neutrinos and their antiparticles.


Which of the four fundamental forces are the three different types of neutrino―the electron neutrino, the mu neutrino, and the tau neutrino―affected by?

  • AThe weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force
  • BThe weak nuclear force and gravity
  • CThe electric force and the magnetic force
  • DThe electromagnetic force and the nuclear force
  • EThe strong nuclear force and gravity


List the following particles in order from least mass to greatest mass:

  • neutron
  • neutrino
  • proton
  • alpha Particle
  • electron
  • ANeutrino, electron, proton, neutron, alpha particle
  • BNeutrino, electron, neutron, alpha particle, proton
  • CElectron, neutrino, proton, neutron, alpha particle
  • DElectron, neutrino, neutron, alpha particle, proton
  • EAlpha particle, neutrino, electron, proton, neutron


Which of the following is the correct symbol for an electron neutrino?

  • Aπ‘£οŽ€
  • Bπ‘£οŽ
  • Cπ‘£οŒ³
  • Dπ‘£οŒ€
  • Eπ‘£οŒΎ


List the following particles in order from the greatest to the least mass:

  • positron
  • neutron
  • helium nucleus
  • photon
  • neutrino
  • ANeutron, positron, neutrino, photon, helium nucleus
  • BHelium nucleus, neutron, positron, neutrino, photon
  • CHelium nucleus, neutron, positron, photon, neutrino
  • DPositron, helium nucleus, neutron, photon, neutrino
  • EPositron, neutron, photon, neutrino, helium nucleus


Which two of the following particles have the same mass?

  • photon
  • neutrino
  • electron
  • proton
  • muon
  • positron
  • AProton and electron
  • BElectron and positron
  • CElectron and neutrino
  • DNeutrino and photon
  • EPhoton and muon


What is the relative charge of a neutrino?


The following nuclear equation shows oxygen-15 undergoing beta decay to nitrogen-15: 158157+ON+e+X

What particle does X represent?

  • AA mu neutrino
  • BA positron
  • CAn electron neutrino
  • DAn electron antineutrino
  • EA mu antineutrino


The following nuclear equation shows carbon-14 undergoing beta decay to nitrogen-14: 146147–CN+e+X

What particle does X represent?

  • AA mu antineutrino
  • BAn electron antineutrino
  • CA mu neutrino
  • DA positron
  • EAn electron neutrino


Which of the following is the antiparticle of Μ„πœˆοŽˆ?

  • AπœˆοŽ€
  • B𝜈
  • C𝜈
  • D𝜏
  • E𝜏


Which of the following is the antiparticle of 𝜈?

  • Aπ‘’οŠ±
  • BΜ„πœˆοŒΎ
  • CΜ„πœˆοŽˆ
  • DΜ„πœˆοŽ€
  • Eπ‘’οŠ°

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