Worksheet: Modeling Tenths

In this worksheet, we will practice representing tenths with a model, a fraction, a decimal, and words.


Look at how Chloe represented 6 tenths as a model, a decimal, and a fraction.

In which model does the shaded part represent 4 tenths?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Write 4 tenths as a fraction.

  • A4100
  • B210
  • C410
  • D104

Write 4 tenths as a decimal.


Write a decimal to match the given model.


Write the colored area as a number of tenths of the whole shape.

If the whole shape represents the number 1, write the number that the colored area represents as a decimal.

Write it as a fraction.

  • A810
  • B910
  • C109
  • D9100


The given model represents 3 tenths. Write a decimal to represent it.


James starts with a whole pizza. He eats 2 slices of the pizza, which can be represented as 2 tenths.

If James eats 3 more slices, which of the following will represent the amount of pizza he has left?

  • A4 tenths
  • B5 tenths
  • C2 tenths
  • D3 tenths

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