Worksheet: Telling Time in Words: Time to the Half Hour

In this worksheet, we will practice how to tell time to the half-hour on analog clocks and record the time in words.


What time is shown on the clock?

  • AHalf past 6
  • BHalf past 4
  • CHalf past 3
  • DHalf past 5


What time is it?

Find the missing number.

It is half past .


Natalie is playing in the park after school.

What time is it?

  • AIt is half past 4 in the afternoon.
  • BIt is half past 5 in the afternoon.
  • CIt is half past 4 in the morning.


James and Matthew want to draw half past two. Who is right?

  • AJames
  • BMatthew


Fill in the blank: What time is it? It is half past .

  • Asix
  • Btwo
  • Cthree
  • Done


Look at the figure and fill in the blank: It is .

  • Ahalf past seven
  • Bhalf past six
  • Chalf past eight
  • Dseven o’clock


Fill in the blank: Mia likes reading short stories at the time shown. She starts at half past .

  • Asix
  • Beleven
  • Cnine
  • Dten


Victoria has a math lesson at the time shown. State, in words, the time it starts.

  • AHalf past six
  • BHalf past four
  • CHalf past ten
  • DHalf past eleven


Fill in the blank: Ethan practices football at the time shown. He starts at half past .

  • Afour
  • Bsix
  • Cthree
  • Dseven


Madison asks David to tell the time. Look at the clock and finish his answer: David says, “It is .

  • Asix o’clock
  • Bhalf past eleven
  • Chalf past twelve
  • Deleven o’clock

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