Worksheet: Density Measurements

In this worksheet, we will practice describing methods for measuring solid and liquid densities, identifying errors, and troubleshooting mistakes.


An experiment calls for 125 g phosphoric acid. What size of flask would be most appropriate to contain the acid? The density of phosphoric acid is 1.83 g/mL.

  • A 150 mL
  • B 50 mL
  • C 500 mL
  • D 250 mL
  • E 1 0 0 0 mL


A piece of rebar is weighed and then submerged in a graduated cylinder partially filled with water, as shown in the figure. The dry mass of the rebar is 69.658 g.

To 2 significant figures, what is the density of the piece of rebar?

Which of the following metals is most likely to be present in the piece of rebar?

  • A Iron (density = 7.87 g/cm3)
  • B Chromium (density = 7.19 g/cm3)
  • C Aluminum (density = 2.70 g/cm3)
  • D Titanium (density = 4.51 g/cm3)
  • E Nickel (density = 8.91 g/cm3)

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