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Lesson Worksheet: Multistep Word Problems Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving multistep word problems involving whole numbers and the four operations.


Michael wants to buy a cell phone that costs $150 in 10 weeks. Determine the amount of money he has to save every week to buy the phone, and find the amount he will have saved in 29 weeks if he continues to save money at the same rate.

  • A$15, $585
  • B$15, $435
  • C$5, $201
  • D$15, $5
  • E$5, $435


A person has 460 LE and wants to buy a pair of shoes and some shirts. Given that the price of the pair of shoes is 75 LE, and the price of one shirt is 50 LE, determine the maximum number of shirts the person can buy.


James bought a TV for 3,972 LE and paid 412 LE upfront. He divided the rest of the payment into 20 equal installments. How much was each installment?


A supermarket has a total number of 72 soda cans and 64 water bottles such that one box of soda cans contains 12 cans and one box of water bottles contains 8 bottles. How many more boxes of water bottles than soda cans are there?

  • A4 boxes
  • B8 boxes
  • C2 boxes
  • D6 boxes

This lesson includes 27 additional question variations for subscribers.

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