Lesson Worksheet: Making Two-Digit Numbers with Tens and Ones Mathematics • 1st Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice using place value equipment to make two-digit numbers with tens and ones.


What is the number?


What is the number?


Which groups show fifty-five?

  • A
  • B
  • C


What is the number?


William says he has made the number 63 using tens and ones. He is incorrect. What does he need to change?

  • AHe must add 3 tens and add 3 ones.
  • BHe must add 3 tens and take away 3 ones.
  • CHe must add another 3 tens.


Chloe has 23 ones.

Pick the group that shows this number as tens and ones.

  • A
  • B
  • C


Find the sum that equals 51.

  • A10+10+10+10+10+1
  • B10+10+10+10+10+1+1+1+1+1
  • C50+10


A teacher described a number on the board. Which group got the number correct?

  • AGroup 2
  • BGroup 1


A number has been made from tens and ones.

Pick the correct sum.

  • A30 tens + 4 ones
  • B3 ones + 4 tens
  • C3 tens + 4 ones

What is the number?

  • A43
  • B34
  • C70


How many ones are there?


Look at Liam’s abacus, Pick the number that he made.

  • A7 tens and 2 units
  • B9 tens and 5 units
  • C9 tens and 7 units
  • D5 tens and 9 units
  • E7 tens and 9 units


Write down the number in the figure.


Benjamin and Hannah are counting the green cubes. They regrouped 10 ones into a group of ten.

Now it is your turn. Look at the pink cubes and answer the questions.

How many groups of ten are there?

How many ones are leftover?

How many cubes are there in total?


A number has been made from tens and ones.

How many tens are there?

How many ones are there?

What is the number?


Anthony made a number on the abacus.

How many tens are there?

How many ones are there?

What is the number?


Benjamin made a number from tens and ones.

Write the number.


A red candle represents one year and a yellow candle represents 10 years. Olivia puts 4 red candles and 5 yellow candles on her mother’s Birthday cake. How old is her mother?


Complete the following: twenty-=+=27.

  • Aseven, 20, 7
  • Btwo, 20, 7
  • Cseven, 10, 7
  • Deight, 10, 7


3 tens and 7 units are added. What is the result in numbers and words?

  • A73, seventy-three
  • B37, thirty-seven
  • C73, thirty-seven
  • D37, seventy-three


Complete the following: sixty-four=+=.

  • A60, 4, 64
  • B50, 4, 54
  • C40, 6, 46
  • D6, 4, 64


Think about the number 56.

Choose the missing number of ones to complete the diagram.

  • A
  • B
  • C

Fill in the blank: 50+=56.


Find the missing part.


43 is the whole. James and Charlotte showed two ways to make 43.

Fill in the blank: 43 is tens and 3 ones.

Fill in the blank: 43=+3.


Find the missing part.


The whole number can be broken up into two parts.

What is the whole?

There are 7 ones. How many tens are in the whole?

Hint: Model the parts with place value blocks.

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