Lesson Worksheet: Counting on to Add Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice adding a two-digit number to either a one- or two-digit number using counting on.


Complete the number sentence: 88+10=.


Add 54 and 40.


Fahd has 69 marbles. His friend gives him 4 more. How many marbles does he have now?


Abeer is making a road with red blocks and blue blocks. She needs 52 blocks altogether.

Which group of red and blue blocks will make 52?

  • A50+12
  • B10+32
  • C30+22


23 children from Class A joined 30 children from Class F. How many children were there altogether?


46 children are on a school bus. After some time, 7 more get on the bus. How many children are on the bus now?


Fill in the blank: 40+55=.


Hassan and Kayan are making a bridge out of blocks. They choose 23 green blocks and 30 red blocks. How many blocks do they use altogether?


One bag has 61 balls, and we add 9 more. How many balls do we have in the bag?


Calculate 33+20.

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