Worksheet: Dividing 3-Digit Numbers by 1-Digit Numbers without Remainder

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing a three-digit number by a one-digit number without a remainder and how to use that to solve real-life problems.


Nabil can throw a ball 56 m. This is 7 times farther than his son can throw the ball. How far can his son throw the ball?


Fill in the missing divisor: 1 2 ÷ = 3 .


How many nines are there in 108?


A primary school has 148 students. The students are divided into 2 classes of equal size. How many students are in each class?


A person wants to divide 660 buttons equally into 2 bags. How many buttons will be in each bag?


288 tourists are travelling in 4 buses. If there are the same number of tourists in each bus, how many tourists are there in one bus?


A farmer has 550 kilograms of butter. They want to pack it into containers that each hold 5 kilograms of butter. How many containers are needed?


A librarian has 396 books to put on 3 shelves. If each shelf should have the same number of books, how many books will be put on each shelf?


You have 16 quarters of a kilogram. How many kilograms do you have?


How many quarters of a kilogram are there in 7 kg?


How many quarters of a kilogram are there in 6 halves of a kilogram?


Find the remainder of 1 8 ÷ 2 .


510 apples need to be distributed equally among 6 boxes. How many apples are in each box?

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