Lesson Worksheet: Percentages to Decimals and Fractions Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice converting a percentage to a decimal or a fraction and to compare and order percentages, decimals and fractions.


75%= (in fraction form)

  • A53
  • B14
  • C13
  • D34


60%= (in decimal form)

  • A0.6
  • B0.006
  • C0.06
  • D6


25%= (in fractional form)

  • A25
  • B12
  • C14
  • D15


A T-shirt is made of cotton and synthetic material. The percentage of cotton is 85%. Then, the equivalent fraction for this percentage is .

Put the answer in the simplest form.

  • A15100
  • B720
  • C17100
  • D1720


If the percentage of boys in a class is 62%, then the percentage of girls in decimal form is .

  • A0.038
  • B38
  • C0.38
  • D3.8


Fill in the blank: To convert 34% to a decimal, we divide 34 by .


Fill in the blank: The decimal value that is equivalent to 1.7% is .


Write 15% as a fraction in its simplest form.

  • A325
  • B320
  • C120
  • D310
  • E115

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