Lesson Worksheet: Sexual Reproduction in Plants Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the male and female parts of a flower and explaining the process of sexual reproduction in plants.


Cutting is an artificial method of asexual reproduction in flowering plants. How many flowering plants are needed to produce new plants using this method?

  • ATwo
  • BFour
  • COne
  • DThree


Where does fertilization occur in a flowering plant?

  • AThe leaf
  • BThe stem
  • CThe ovary
  • DThe anther


What needs to happen to a flowering plant before it can produce seeds?

  • APollination
  • BPhotosynthesis
  • CTranspiration
  • DGermination


Look at this picture showing the main parts of a flowering plant. In which part of the plant does sexual reproduction happen?

  • AFlower
  • BRoots
  • CStem
  • DLeaf


Miss Anderson is making a display about the process of sexual reproduction in plants. She writes down the stages:

  1. An insect enters a flower, and pollen from the anthers sticks to the insect’s body and legs.
  2. The insect flies to a different flower.
  3. Pollen from the insect’s body and legs sticks to the stigma of the new flower.
  4. The pollen grain grows a tube from the stigma down to the ovule.
  5. Part of the pollen grain moves down the tube toward the ovule.
  6. Part of the pollen grain joins with the ovule inside the ovary and makes a seed.

Which number describes pollination?

Which number describes fertilization?


True or False: Sexual reproduction happens in flowering plants when male and female parts make seeds.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue


The picture shows the main parts of a flower.

Seeds are made when part of a pollen grain fertilizes an ovule.

In which part of the flower is pollen made?

  • AFilament
  • BStigma
  • CAnther

Where is the ovule found?

  • AInside the stigma
  • BOn the anthers
  • CInside the ovary


This flower is pollinated by insects.

green rose chafer in latin cetonia aurata-edited

Select the other plant that is also insect pollinated.

  • A
    paddy flower-edited
  • B
    Giant Ragweed flowers-edited
  • C
    Hawaiian hibiscus flower-edited


This picture shows the process of pollination.

What does pollination mean?

  • AWhen part of the male pollen grain and the female ovule join together
  • BWhen insects drink nectar from brightly colored flowers
  • CThe transfer of pollen from the stigma to the ovary
  • DThe transfer of pollen from the anther of one flower to the stigma of another flower


Amelia, Mason, and Michael are talking about why many insects visit flowers.

  • AAmelia
  • BMichael
  • CMason

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