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Worksheet: Types of Bonding


Which of the following is the least useful piece of information for predicting the type of bonding likely to occur between two elements?

  • ATheir electronegativities
  • BTheir position on the Periodic Table
  • CTheir electron arrangements
  • DTheir melting points


Which force is mainly responsible for the attraction between oppositely charged ions in an ionic compound?

  • AMetallic force
  • BCovalent force
  • CMagnetic force
  • DElectrostatic force
  • EGravitational force


Which of the following molecules and ions does not contain a dative covalent bond?

  • A N H 4 +
  • B B F 4
  • C H N O 3
  • D C S 2
  • E C O


In which type of chemical bond are electrons transferred from one atom to another?

  • ACovalent bond
  • BDative bond
  • CMetallic bond
  • DIonic bond
  • EHydrogen bond


Which of the following is an accurate definition of a dative covalent bond?

  • AA bond in which two bonding electrons are shared unevenly between a pair of bonded atoms
  • BA bond comprising only one shared bonding electron
  • CA bond comprising more than two shared bonding electrons
  • DA bond comprising two shared bonding electrons that originate from the same atom
  • EA bond in which two bonding electrons are shared between more than two atoms