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Lesson Worksheet: Matrix Operations Mathematics • 10th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice combining the operations of addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, and transposing matrices.


Given that 𝐴=[3βˆ’3βˆ’5] and 𝐡=352, what is the matrix π΄βˆ’π΅οŒ³?

  • A62βˆ’3
  • B[08βˆ’7]
  • C[62βˆ’3]
  • D[0βˆ’8βˆ’7]
  • E0βˆ’8βˆ’7


Given that 𝐴=253βˆ’3 and 𝐡=ο”βˆ’225βˆ’3, what is 2(𝐴+𝐡) in matrix form?

  • A0161412
  • B01416βˆ’12
  • C21614βˆ’12
  • D016140
  • E01614βˆ’12


Given that 𝐴=ο”βˆ’75βˆ’4βˆ’2𝐡=107βˆ’2,, what is 13(𝐴+𝐡)?

  • Aο™βˆ’24βˆ’43βˆ’43ο₯
  • Bο”βˆ’612βˆ’4βˆ’4
  • Cο”βˆ’653βˆ’4
  • DβŽ‘βŽ’βŽ’βŽ£βˆ’2531βˆ’43⎀βŽ₯βŽ₯⎦


Fill in the blank: If βˆ’3𝑋+ο”βˆ’30912=𝑂, then 𝑋=.

  • Aο”βˆ’1034
  • B30βˆ’9βˆ’12
  • Cο”βˆ’30912
  • D10βˆ’3βˆ’4


Fill in the blank: 6βˆ’4βˆ’32ο βˆ’ο”5βˆ’3βˆ’41=.

  • A1βˆ’8βˆ’61
  • B𝑂
  • C11003
  • D𝐼


Solve for matrix 𝑋 in the matrix equation π‘‹βˆ’π΄=2𝐼, where 𝐼 is a unit matrix with size 2Γ—2 and 𝐴=2963.

  • A3964
  • B3694
  • C4965
  • D4695
  • E0695


Solve for matrix 𝑋 in the matrix equation 3𝑋+𝐡=𝐢, where 𝐡 and 𝐢 are 𝐡=57βˆ’10βˆ’8,𝐢=8βˆ’227.

  • A3βˆ’91215
  • B6βˆ’61518
  • Cο”βˆ’13βˆ’4βˆ’5
  • D1βˆ’345
  • E0βˆ’12βˆ’11βˆ’4


Given that 𝑋=ο˜βˆ’3βˆ’215βˆ’8βˆ’8,π‘Œ=ο˜βˆ’18βˆ’9βˆ’97βˆ’2,𝑍=3βˆ’8βˆ’70βˆ’85, what is the matrix 3𝑋+π‘Œβˆ’3𝑍?

  • Aο˜βˆ’1βˆ’22βˆ’276βˆ’41βˆ’11
  • Bο˜βˆ’19βˆ’115βˆ’37βˆ’4
  • C0βˆ’1βˆ’14βˆ’3βˆ’8βˆ’4
  • Dο˜βˆ’19261567βˆ’41


Complete the following.

If 𝐴 and 𝐡 are two matrices with the same size, then 𝐴+𝐡=.

  • Aπ΅βˆ’π΄
  • Bπ΄βˆ’π΅οŒ³οŒ³
  • C𝐴+𝐡
  • D𝐴+𝐡
  • Eπ΄βˆ’π΅


Given that 𝐡=1βˆ’37βˆ’3ο ο€Ήπ΅βˆ’π΅ο…=𝐴,, determine the value of π‘Ž+π‘ŽοŠ§οŠ¨οŠ¨οŠ§.

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