Lesson Worksheet: Converting between Imperial and Metric Units of Length Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using approximate equivalences to convert between metric and imperial units of length.


If a yard is about 90 centimetres, which is longer: a yard or a metre?

  • Athe metre
  • Bthe yard


Convert 2 inches to centimeters.

Hint: 1 inch is approximately 2.5 centimeters.


Jacob has a new TV set with a size of 24 inches. Find the size in centimeters.

Hint: 12 inches is approximately 30 centimeters.


David is 64 inches tall.

What is David’s height in centimeters?

Hint: 32 inches is approximately equal to 80 centimeters.

  • A40 cm
  • B150 cm
  • C100 cm
  • D170 cm
  • E160 cm

Complete the following: Davidsheightmcm=,.

Hint: 100 cm is equal to 1 m.

  • A1, 30
  • B1, 20
  • C1, 10
  • D1, 40
  • E1, 60


Find the approximate length, in centimeters, of a cable of Christmas lights with a length of 60 in.

Hint: 30 in is approximately 76 cm.


Liam takes a bus from his house to his school. The distance between the house and the school is 10 miles. Find the approximate distance in kilometers.

Hint: 5 miles is approximately 8 kilometers.

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