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Lesson Worksheet: Phenol Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the physical and chemical properties of phenol.


In water, phenol will undergo the following reaction:

What name is given to the anion?

  • AAnilinium
  • BPhenoxide
  • CHydroxide
  • DPhenyl
  • EBenzyl


Consider the following reaction:


What product, X, is formed in the reaction?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Phenol can be prepared from a benzene derivative. The scheme shows the products and reaction conditions for the preparation of phenol:

What are the reactants X and Y?

  • ABromobenzene and NaOH
  • BSodium benzoate and HCl
  • CChlorobenzene and HCl
  • DBromobenzene and HCl
  • EChlorobenzene and NaOH

Which of the following best describes this reaction?

  • AAddition
  • BHalogenation
  • CHydrogenation
  • DHydrolysis
  • ECondensation


The table shows the physical properties of three aromatic compounds: benzene, phenol, and toluene. Which column corresponds to phenol?

Property A B C
Melting Point (C) 40.5 5.5 95
Boiling Point (C) 181.7 80.1 111
Appearance Crystalline solid Colorless liquid Colorless liquid
Solubility in Water at 20C(/100)gmL 8.30 1.80 0.52
Density (g/cm3) 1.07 0.88 0.87
  • AA
  • BC
  • CB


Fill in the blank: Phenol reacts with concentrated nitric acid in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid, forming .

  • Aphthalic acid
  • Bsalicylic acid
  • Ccitric acid
  • Dpicric acid
  • Ebenzoic acid


Which of the following reagents could be used for the detection of phenol?

  • ACaCl2
  • BHgSO4
  • CCuSO4
  • DKMnO4
  • EFeCl3


A student wants to test whether they have a solution of phenol. In two separate experiments, they add iron(III) chloride and bromine water to samples of the solution, as shown.

What color will the solution change to if phenol is present when iron(III) chloride is added?

  • AOrange
  • BPurple
  • CGreen
  • DRed
  • EYellow

What color change will be observed if phenol is present when bromine water is added?

  • AOrange to green
  • BOrange to colorless
  • COrange to purple
  • DOrange to red
  • EOrange to blue


Which of the following is incorrect about phenol?

  • AIt can be prepared by fractional distillation of coal tar.
  • BIt is less acidic than alcohols.
  • CIt cannot react with hydrochloric acid.
  • DIt reacts with formaldehyde, forming Bakelite.
  • EIt is a corrosive substance.


The molecular structure shown is for Bakelite, a synthetic polymer:


Bakelite can be formed from the reaction of phenol with a molecule in acidic or basic conditions. Which molecule is it?

  • AEthanol
  • BFormaldehyde
  • CFormic acid
  • DStyrene
  • EChloroethane

What type of polymerization process does the production of Bakelite involve?

  • AHydrolysis
  • BCondensation
  • CRing opening
  • DAddition
  • ESubstitution

What small molecule is produced during the reaction?

  • AHO2
  • BH2
  • CHCl
  • DClO2
  • ECl2


Which of the following is the correct molecular formula of phenol?

  • ACHOH65
  • BCHCHOH652
  • CCHOH54
  • DCHOH25
  • ECHOH37

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