Worksheet: Reading Pictograms Where Each Picture Stands for 10

In this worksheet, we will practice reading picture graphs with pictures where each picture stands for 10, with categories containing only half a picture.


The picture graph shows how many people played sports last weekend.

How many people went cycling?

How many people went swimming?

How many more people played football than hockey?


The picture graph shows how many cupcakes a cafe sold in a day.

How many vanilla cupcakes did they sell?

How many strawberry and lemon cupcakes did they sell altogether?


The picture graph shows how many movies William and his friends watched in a year.

How many movies did Elizabeth watch?

How many fewer movies did Daniel watch than William?


Each class in a school earned reward stickers. The picture graph shows how many stickers each class had got at the end of the year.

Which class earned the most stickers?

  • AThe green class
  • BThe pink class
  • CThe blue class
  • DThe orange class

How many stickers did the blue class get?

  • A30 stickers
  • B50 stickers
  • C60 stickers
  • D40 stickers


Victoria counted the cars of each color in a garage. The picture graph shows what she found.

How many red cars are there?

How many more white cars are there than blue cars?


Jacob counted the flowers of each color in his garden. The picture graph shows what he found.

How many purple flowers are there?

How many flowers are red or pink?


Read the graph to find which person has eaten the fewest bananas over a two week period.