Lesson Worksheet: Acidity and Basicity Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice defining acids and bases, understanding their characteristic properties, and identifying acidic and basic species in chemical reactions.


In a solution, nitric acid (HNO)3 ionizes completely to form an acidic solution. Which of the following equations shows the ionization of HNO3?

  • AHNO()+H()HNO()3+23aqaqaq
  • BHNO()H()+NO()3+3aqaqaq
  • CHNO()NO()+OH()32aqaqaq
  • DHNO()HNO()+O()32aqaqaq
  • E2HNO()2H()+N()+3O()3+22aqaqgg


Certain bases will react with ammonium chloride to form salt, water, and ammonia gas. Consider the following reaction of sodium hydroxide with ammonium chloride:

What products are needed to complete the chemical equation shown?

  • ANaCl()+HO()+NH()aqlg23
  • BNaCl()+HO()+NH()slaq23
  • CNa()+2H()+HO()+Cl()sglg22
  • DNaHCl()+ClOH()+NH()aqaqg3
  • ENaCl()+HO()+NH()223slg


Which of the following statements correctly describes the difference between a strong and a weak acid?

  • AIn an aqueous solution, a strong acid ionizes partially, whilst a weak acid ionizes completely.
  • BA strong acid is more concentrated than a weak acid.
  • CIn an aqueous solution, a strong acid will contain fewer ions than a weak acid.
  • DIn an aqueous solution, a strong acid ionizes completely, whilst a weak acid only partially ionizes.
  • EA weak acid is more concentrated than a strong acid.


Which of the following molecules can not be classified as an Arrhenius base?

  • AKOH
  • BNaOH
  • CMg(OH)2
  • DNH3
  • ECa(OH)2


A student writes the following statement: “A 1 M solution of HCl is a stronger acid than a 0.5 M solution of HNO3.

Why is this statement incorrect?

  • AHNO3 is actually the stronger acid since it contains more atoms.
  • BHNO3 is a weak acid that only partially ionizes in aqueous solutions; therefore, both acids have the same strength.
  • CA lower value of molarity corresponds to a stronger acid.
  • DThe H+ ions from HCl are more acidic than the H+ ions from HNO3.
  • EThe strength of an acid refers to the number of molecules that are ionized in aqueous solutions; therefore, HCl and HNO3 are both strong acids.

What phrase should the student have used instead of stronger?

  • AMore diluted
  • BWeaker
  • CDenser
  • DLess concentrated
  • EMore concentrated


Which of the following solutions is an example of a weak base?

  • AA 2 M solution of NH3
  • BA 0.1 M solution of NaOH
  • CA 0.2 M solution of Ba(OH)2
  • DA 1 M solution of LiOH
  • EA 0.5 M solution of KOH


Which of the following everyday substances is not an example of an acid?

  • AFizzy Drinks
  • BGastric Juice
  • CDrain cleaner
  • DVinegar
  • ELemon Juice


Water can self-ionize in small amounts according to the following equation: HO()H()+OH()2+laqaq

Explain why the self-ionization of pure water produces neither an acidic nor a basic solution.

  • AAs a substance can only be acidic or basic when dissolved in water, water itself can be neither.
  • BThe ions react with impurities in the water that remove the H+ and OH ions.
  • CThe self-ionization of water produces an equal amount of H+ ions and OH ions.
  • DThe ions quickly react with the air to produce hydrogen gas and oxygen gas that are removed from the water.


Which of the following statements describes the difference between an alkali and a base?

  • AAn alkali describes a base that dissolves in water.
  • BA base is an alkali that dissolves in water.
  • CAn alkali forms a blue aqueous solution.
  • DA base produces more OH ions than an alkali.
  • EAn alkali accepts H+ ions, whilst a base produces OH ions.


According to Arrhenius theory, which of the following can an acid be defined as?

  • AA substance that changes the color of an aqueous solution.
  • BA substance that ionizes in an aqueous solution to produce OH ions.
  • CA substance that fizzes when placed into an aqueous solution.
  • DA substance that dissolves any substance placed into a solution of it.
  • EA substance that ionizes in an aqueous solution to produce H+ ions.

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