Worksheet: IR Spectroscopy Methods

In this worksheet, we will practice choosing an infrared spectroscopic method and comparing the features and limitations of different spectrometers.


Fill in the blank: Pump-probe experiments in infrared spectroscopy can result in information about .

  • Athe amount of đťś‹-backbonding character in a metal–ligand bond
  • Bthe mechanisms of radioactive decay
  • Cthe electronic transition levels within a molecule
  • Dthe molecular functional group vibrational lifetimes


Which of the following does the instrumentation for infrared analysis most closely resemble?

  • AAn NMR spectrometer
  • BAn ellipsometer
  • CAn electrochemical cell
  • DA mass spectrometer
  • EA UV-visible spectrophotometer


Which of the following is not a detector used in infrared spectroscopy?

  • AA photoelectric detector
  • BA pyroelectric detector
  • CA charge-coupled diode
  • DA thermocouple


Fill in the blanks: Raman activity is dictated by a change in the of a molecule, while IR activity is related to a change in the .

  • Amagnetism, symmetry
  • Bdipole moment, polarizability
  • Cpolarizability, dipole moment
  • Dmagnetism, dipole moment
  • Esymmetry, magnetism


Which of the following is not an infrared radiation source used in infrared spectroscopy?

  • AThe Globar source
  • BThe Nernst glower
  • CA pyroelectric glower
  • DAn incandescent wire
  • EThe carbon dioxide laser

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