Worksheet: Gravity

In this worksheet, we will practice describing gravitational forces and their effects on different objects.


Fill in the blank: The pull of gravity between objects depends on the amount of matter in the object and the between the objects.

  • Aacceleration
  • Bfriction
  • Cdistance
  • Dmomentum


Objects with greater mass have a stronger pull. Which of the objects given has the strongest gravitational pull?

  • AA soccer ball
  • BA bowling ball
  • CA table tennis ball
  • DA tennis ball


Pick the correct word to fill in the blank: Earth’s gravity pulls objects .

  • Aup
  • Bdown
  • Cleft
  • Dright


Fill in the blank: The Moon’s gravity pulls on the Earth and causes .

  • Atides
  • Bearthquakes
  • Churricanes
  • Dvolcanoes


Which of the following has the strongest gravitational pull?

Planet earth with the moon - 72 ppi
  • AThe Moon
  • BThe Sun
  • CMars
  • DEarth


What force does the arrow show?

  • AFriction
  • BGravity
  • CPush


What is the name of the force that helps the child travel down a slide?

  • AGravity
  • BFriction


Gravity is a noncontact force which pulls all objects toward each other.

Choose a word from the following to fill in the blank: The amount of gravity an object has depends on its .

  • Amass
  • Bvolume
  • Cmomentum
  • Dacceleration


Which scientist was the first to describe the mathematical theory of gravity?

  • AStephen Hawking
  • BAlbert Einstein
  • CGalileo
  • DIsaac Newton

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