Lesson Worksheet: Gravity Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice defining the force of gravity and describing its effects on objects.


Objects with greater mass have a stronger pull. Which of the objects given has the strongest gravitational pull?

  • AA soccer ball
  • BA bowling ball
  • CA table tennis ball
  • DA tennis ball


Pick the correct word to fill in the blank: Earth’s gravity pulls objects .

  • Aup
  • Bdown
  • Cleft
  • Dright


What force does the arrow show?

  • AFriction
  • BGravity
  • CPush


What is the name of the force that helps the child travel down a slide?

  • AGravity
  • BFriction


Gravity is a noncontact force which pulls all objects toward each other.

Choose a word from the following to fill in the blank: The amount of gravity an object has depends on its .

  • Amass
  • Bvolume
  • Cmomentum
  • Dacceleration


Objects with more mass have a stronger gravitational pull than objects with less mass.

Fill in the blank: The force of gravity is on the Moon than on Earth because the Moon has less mass than Earth.

  • Asmaller
  • Bbigger


The force of gravity on the Moon is smaller than on Earth.


Fill in the blanks: An astronaut can jump higher on than on .

  • AEarth, the Moon
  • Bthe Moon, Earth

Fill in the blanks: This is because there is a force the astronaut to the ground.

  • Aweaker, pushing
  • Bweaker, pulling
  • Cstronger, pushing
  • Dstronger, pulling


Weight is the force that gravity exerts on an object. What unit is weight measured in?

  • ANewtons
  • BKilograms
  • CMeters


This leaf is falling through the air. Air resistance pushes upward on the leaf.

	Yellow maple leaf

Fill in the blank: The leaf falls because air resistance is not the only force acting on the leaf. The force of on the leaf.

  • Agravity pushes up
  • Bgravity pulls down


This jar is resting on a table. The object has a weight force.

An empty glass

Fill in the blank: The jar does not fall through the table because the surface of the table the object with an equal force.

  • Apushes up on
  • Bpushes down on

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