Lesson Worksheet: Integers Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice reading and writing integers including describing quantities having opposite directions or values.


Complete the following sentence using “positive” or “negative”. Distances below sea level are represented by numbers, and distances above sea level are represented by numbers.

  • Anegative, positive
  • Bpositive, negative
  • Cnegative, negative
  • Dpositive, positive


The weather forecast predicted rainfall in April to be 2 inches less than normal. Express, as an integer, the amount of rainfall that was below normal in April.


A certain stock lost 6 points in one day and gained 9 points the next day. Write integers to represent the stock’s losses and gains for the two days.

  • A6, 9
  • B6, 6
  • C6, 9
  • D6, 9
  • E6, 9


Is zero the smallest positive number?

  • ANo
  • BYes


The number is neither positive nor negative.


The smallest positive integer is .


The smallest non-negative integer is .


The greatest negative integer is .


Complete the following using positive, negative, or zero: Sea level is represented by .

  • Azero
  • Ba positive number
  • Ca negative number


Is the number 3.4 an integer?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Express the following as an integer: 100 B.C.


Write the integer to represent the following situation: A temperature is 4C above zero.


Express the following as an integer: 48 feet below sea level.


True or false: 42 is an integer.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


A metal coin is at the bottom of a pond which is 4 feet deep and whose surface is at sea level. Express the location of the metal coin as a negative integer.


In a bank account summary, debit is represented as a negative number, while credit is represented as a positive number.

Which of the columns A–E represents all the events correctly?

Open a bank account with $0.00000
A salary of $1,200 was deposited.1,2001,2001,2001,2001,200
Withdraw $350.350350350350350
An electricity bill of $450 was paid by check.450450450450450
A cheque of $75 was deposited.7575757575
The bank charges credit card fees of $3.33333
  • AA
  • BC
  • CB
  • DD
  • EE


A bookstore gives away a notebook for every purchase over $66. If there were 50 purchases over $66 on a given day, which of the following represents the change in the number of notebooks the bookstore has in stock at the end of that day?

  • A66
  • B50
  • C66
  • D50
  • E16


The Han Dynasty in China began in 206 BCE, and the construction of the Great Wall of China started in 221 BCE. Did the construction of the Great Wall start during the Han Dynasty?

  • ANo
  • BYes


A fee of $3.50 was charged to William’s bank account. If we represent this loss by a number on a number line, between which two integers would the number lie?

  • A3 and 2
  • B2 and 3
  • C4 and 3
  • D3 and 4
  • E4 and 5


Madison owed her brother $74. She paid back $33 and then borrowed an additional $8. Which of the following expressions represents this situation?

  • A74+33+8
  • B74+(33)+(8)
  • C74+(33)+8
  • D74+33+(8)
  • E74+33+(8)


Write 7[11(8)] in words.

  • Aseven times the difference of eleven and negative eight
  • Bnegative seven times the sum of eleven and eight
  • Cnegative seven times the sum of eleven and negative eight
  • Dnegative seven times the difference of eleven and eight
  • Enegative seven times the difference of eleven and negative eight


The maximum height that a certain type of bird can reach in flight is 8,000 meters. Write an integer to represent this situation.

What is the opposite of this integer?


In Yakutsk, the temperature in February is 40F. A weather forecast predicts that a warming trend will increase the temperature to 0F. If the temperature increases with an average of 10 per week, how many weeks will it take to reach 0F?


Jacob withdrew $25 from his bank, and represented this with an integer on a number line. Victoria plotted the opposite of the opposite of this number on a number line. Find the number line that Victoria drew.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


The normal low temperature during January for a town in Alaska is 8.6F. Emma represented this temperature with a number on a number line. If you plotted the opposite of that number on the number line, between which two integers would it lie?

  • A9 and 10
  • B9 and 8
  • C10 and 9
  • D8 and 9
  • E8 and 7

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